Flight from Milan to Dulles

    Alas, all times must come to an end and that day that we all dreaded finally came when we were forced to board that plane home to good ole' West Virginia.
We had said our good byes that morning and it was difficult for most of us. We left our new Italian counterparts and walked away with hope that we could see them again the following year. In general the plane ride went fairly smooth. After almost missing the plane (accident, I think not) everything ran its course without incident. We simply checked in our bags and boarded the plane. It was a bit better this time then the first flight because we got on the plane quickly. There was no time for boredom at the airport. Walking through the airplane we were greeted with various hellos and such and helped to our seats by the cordial airplane staff. About an hour or so passed as we flew through the air when these rather interesting televisions we had directly in front of us presented us with some exciting cinema choice. I for one was thrilled. The movies were actually good. My first pick was a thrilling action flick containing Will Smith. Later, I picked a more delicate film, Meet Joe Black. The airline catered well to the different tastes of their passengers. There was a little something for everyone: cartoons, love stories, touching moments, action, murder, and suspense.
    While we viewed our various movies the stewardess moved backed and forth to serve us a wonderful meal. I shall not forget the previous complementary drink and snack served to us before our screens came on. We had a choice between some vegetarian pasta or a chicken breast. I enjoyed my meal. I actually like airplane food. I am not really sure why but I thought it was served with genuine hospitality and it didn't taste all that badeither. Justin Wilcox even asked for more and I must say that this was one of the funniest things I have ever heard on a plane. After asking for more he was scolded by a stewardess and practically run back to his seat.
    The only problem I viewed on this plane was an obvious lack of bathrooms. I waited in line for quite some time to use the little girl's room. Two bathrooms just aren't enough for thirty five people on a nine hour flight.
    This flight seemed a good bit shorter than the first over. I suppose my anticipation to return home was less. After our airplane landed we went through customs and the usual hubbub of entering a different country. We then went to greet our friends and family and were escorted back home to West Virginia, the mountain state.

Emily Parsons