Italian fashion was a bit of a shock at times. When we arrived after being
tousled on the strenuous plane ride, we looked, to say the least grungy.
Walking in, I saw all these girls in their uptown attire complete with pea
coats and matching jackets. I felt quite underdressed. But I think the
styles vary from town to town. Varallo was more of an upper class town and
the clothing reflected this. In Lonigo they dressed a lot more like us.
The style that was difficult to get used to was the pants. They were tight
and tapered. In the United States this generally doesn't go over well
especially for boys. I found it very unusual but not entirely displeasing
to see young men in some tight jeans or the ever popular leather pants. To
me, they looked very uncomfortable. I thought they would be quite difficult
to walk in.
    The fact that they often wore the exact same clothes throughout the week
was difficult to stomach as well, especially considering some of their
bathing habits. I suppose as a culture we base too much on how many clothes
you own and we don't use them for the practicality they were created
for---simply to be dressed.
    All in all, I enjoyed their clothing styles and I didn't find it entirely
different from our teenage fashion world.

Emily Parsons