Hair Salons

     My second topic, being the hair salons is another quite interesting
experience that a few of us got to indulge in. In the beautiful city of
Florence, a group of us decided that we wanted to get our hair done, and get
a new look. We all headed for many hair salons until finding one that was
satisfactory. It was big, beautiful, and everything about it spelled I-T-A-L-Y.
Each of the stylists walked from chair to chair with their fancy hair do's,
and their glamorous style. Luckily we found a stylist that spoke English and
immediately they took us to the back to start shampooing our hair. Unlike
the salons here they spent a tremendous amount of time scrubbing our hair to
a squeaky clean. They then took us to the front of the salon where everyone
could watch them do their thing. I had a male, and before I could even tell
him what I wanted he was already chopping my hair into a sleek Italian cut.
I think that all of us definitely walked out satisfied that day with the
new styles we all had received, and all had implanted another memory for the
rest of our lives.


Billie Whitson