Italian Toilets

    My experiences in Italy were somewhat breathtaking. I got to see things that I would never imagine. I want to express my thoughts and
opinions on two things that we observed on this trip, and that was the bathrooms and hair salons.
    When we first got to Italy, we all were a little nervous about what we had to face in the oncoming events, but naturally after getting off a
plane the first thing anyone needs to do is usually use the bathroom. When we arrived at school we all headed straight for the bathrooms only to find
that they were pretty much just holes in the floor. We all were so embarrassed about having to use them, but some of us went on and tried a new thing.
    Not all bathrooms is Italy were like this though. The bathrooms in bars, restaurants, and pizzerias were usually holes in the floor, which we nicknamed the "lowrider" toilets. In most of our houses we had actual toilets.
    So that eased a lot of our fears. I don't think that I ever got used to the concept of the "lowrider" toilets. Not only were they inconvenient, they were a hassle, and took more effort than most others.

Billie Whitson

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