Home Life,,,what a comfy little phrase,,kinda reminds you of your
soft bed, your own room, your own bathroom, your t.v., your
telephone, and all your necessities. Well that really doesn't help
when you are hundreds of miles away in a strange country and a
strangers house,,now didn't our parents always tell us not to talk to
strangers, much less, go and live with them!!! Thankfully these
people weren't such strangers. We were able to communicate with them
somewhat with letters and emails and regular chats. I don't know
about the others but when I got there I felt as if I had known them
forever. At first, the speaking really threw me off, I felt so left
out and kept wondering if it was me that they were talking about.
But that soon ended when my family got an organized system of talking
down to grasp.
Well now to the whole point, the home life. When I first pulled
up to the house I was looking at a large orange house, with a
beautiful flower garden in the back. I walked into a foyer like
place where we were to remove our shoes and get into our house
shoes. I noticed a distinctive smell that this certain section of
the house had to it,,it wasn't a foul smell,,just an odd one that I
always expected as soon as I walked in the house.
The middle floor was occupied by the kitchen, the dining/living
room, one bathroom, and two bedrooms. The kitchen was quite small,
but it had all the necessities. The dining/living room was a very
formal one in the house. It was decorated with many antiques,
beautiful paintings, sculptures, and lovely furniture. I was very
impressed. This was where my host father would "go gaga", so he
called it, in front of the television after dinner. I never really
was in this room that much. We only used it once for dinner and that
was on Easter. The bathroom was basically the same, except for one
little contraption that is only for women, but David Gibbons took it
upon himself to use whenever he felt the need to. The showers were
very small and usually stuck in a little corner. One problem that a
few of us (Abigail, Emily, Kristine, and Brandy) had was that we
could not find a trash can, it was quite funny that none of us seemed
to have a trash can in our houses. I stayed in my girls bedroom,
which was very convenient. The bed was very comfortable, and every
morning her mother would come behind me and make my bed. They made
it clear that is was not appropriate for me to make my own bed,,"Do
you hear that mother?" One device that I found interesting, were the
blinds. They were a type of blinds that were on the outside and
opened and shut by a massive strap from the inside. They made such a
racket. You would wake up in the morning to those lovely rubbing
noises of the blinds.
Almost a week had went by until I realized that there wuz a
whole other section to the house. It was the upstairs. On the
second level was somewhat like a study/office/wreck room type area.
This was where my girl would study, where her fathers computer and
teaching supplies were, and her music/posters/and lovely fish tank.
There were also two more bedrooms in this floor.
All in all I fell very accustomed to their house and felt as if
it were my own after a while. I miss it greatly, and I miss the
"Italian Home Life".


By Ashley McCauley