The Mayan Art Exhibit

    To start off, I must say that the Mayan Art Exhibit was very unique. We got to see colored Mexican rocks in Italy. I’m sure it is an experience that none of us will soon forget.
    We woke early that day to explore the vast sights of Venice. Like many other days on the trip we headed out not quite knowing what lay in store. To our surprise we soon discovered what our Italian hosts had planed for us. They had planed to take us to this art museum. This museum is known around the world for its distinct Mayan Art. We split up into groups of four and toured the building looking at many fascinating works of art. Most of these pieces were extremely old and worn. They had cards telling what we were looking at and how old it was. And it was even in English! As we walked through the halls we meet many different kinds of people. Many of who spoke English and had no problem communicating with us. There were many people of all cultures visiting the museum not just Italians. We spent about an hour walking around the place. I found it to be a fun and educational experience, as did many of my peers. But you don’t have to take my word for it!!


Andrew Thomas