Scuola Alberghiera -- The Gastronomical School


    On March 30, we took a lovely trip to the Gastronomical School, which was across from Liceo D'Adda. It was originally a hotel and that is how it
appeared. When you first entered there were students dressed in uniform. We were separated into two groups, might I add that the group I was in had a very attractive host. We were given a tour of the school which included
computer terminals, cooking areas (separate ones for dessert, main course,
and side dishes), bar tending room, table set up, and dish washing area.
There were different classes depending on your skill. We were served by the
third class which is relativity good. I believe they went up to four classes. In the bar tending room students could learn to mix drinks. You are permitted to bar tend at 14 because the drinking age is 14 for beer and wine and 16 for hard liquor. You can be a world champion bar tender in Italy before you can even drink in the United States. There were very few girls at the school.
    After the tour we were taken to a large room where the tables were set for
a meal. We were served a rice with a creamy sauce (I believe they called it
goulash). It was quite good. Then came the main course which was some
sort of beef and something similar to mashed potatoes. For desert we were
served a pie which contained some sort of pudding. It was quite yummy. For drinks we were given Coca-Cola, Mineral water, or something called Ben's Cola (It was horrible. It tasted like cough syrup.) The students were
graded on how well they served us. Most of the students were ranging from
14-18. I found it interesting that in schools in Italy you are not expected
to go to college as you are here. After you graduated from the Gastronomical School you went right out into the work force. Well, it was
quite a lovely little side trip. The school was quite interesting because
it differs greatly from those here.

Abigail Parsons